talks | Returning blue

July 7, 2015

After taking pictures of our previous post, we were not done yet. We felt like doing more around this bright blue theme. As we already said, it let us think about pretty summer days with blue skies and blue water. We gathered all of our blue stuff we could find and tried to make some interesting images.




But after we took these pictures, we asked ourselves ‘why blue?’. We are not a fan of colours (we don’t have to tell this actually we think?) but blue is a color that always comes back everywhere. In the winter, it comes in a dark or navy tones while in the summer it comes in bright or baby tones. So which colour do you guys prefer next to the black and white?

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talks | Looking back and forward

April 14, 2015

After blogging for a year, we thought it would be the perfect moment to show you guys a bit of appreciation and take a look in the future of Hardwearing.


Being a year intensively busy with Hardwearing has brought up a lot. Seeing us self grow in styling, photography and still coming up with new concepts and content gives us a lot of satisfaction. Also when we are not directly working for the blog, we get a lot of appreciation. Over the entire year, we came across lovely people who believe in us and gave us opportunities. And what do you need more than opportunities to prove who you are, where you believe in and what you can.


Hardwearing has always been very important for us. For us, it’s not just keeping an online diary. We really try to tell a story with media. The most beautiful thing about it is seeing our audience grow and really interacting with us. Seeing this constantly grow is what makes us wanna do harder, better and faster. So a big thank you to all of you and we would love to share this cake with all of you to celebrate together!


We also have to do some announcements! First of all, meet our newest friend and part of Hardwearing: Tommy. Having a fluffy animal in between us was definitely a must! The other announcements we have to do are things we can’t tell you yet in details, but in the future we will collaborate with one of our favorite multi-brand store!


The other next chapter of Hardwearing is planned for later this year. We will open a small webshop with self-made products. Soon, we will reveal more information. So definitely stay tuned!

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talks | Japanese design by Nendo

March 17, 2015
Nendo Japenese design Nendo Japenese design Nendo Japenese design Nendo Japenese design

Every architecture and design lover probably has his favourite designer. We definitely have a weakness for Japanese architecture and design. This is mainly because of their innovative way of designing. Japanese people have to be creative with the problems in their environment, like lack of space. Something that’s much more a challenge there. Except from that, the atmosphere in their work is always on point.


Nendo is one of our favourite Japanse designstudio. Oki Sato, the founder of Nendo, originally started with small orders, but nowadays he’s working for companies like Coca-Cola and Starbucks. However, he remains faithful to his own style. Like he says: “My designs are very simple and very minimal, but I don’t want them to be too cold, I like them to have a friendliness and playfulness, and a sense of humor. And my starting point is always the story behind the object.”


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talks | Memorieslab giveaway

January 19, 2015

Memorieslab is an experimental photo lab that specialises in creating timeless photographic prints. Their catalogue is created with one thing in mind: to recreate the past through combining elements of the old with the new. And this is where they succeed in. Uploading photos who are made with today’s technology but printed on a classic polaroid. Besides the high quality prints, the branding is more than on point. Receiving their prints is an experience. You stumble from a beautiful enveloppe to a beautiful box to another beautiful box. And that is just the thing where we have a weakness for: good branding.


But there is more, we are able to share this experience with you. We give 2 x 12 integral prints vouchers away! So you can print your memories too. The only thing you have to do to get this experience is: liking our Facebookpage and leave a comment on this post with your name, country and email. We will choose the winners Friday evening.




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talks | Talking with Ken Thaodee

August 29, 2014

Rooms dedicated to work are most of the time a mess. But I think the mess makes it cozy. That moment when you move your stuff from your bed to the desk and the morning after you move everything back to the bed just brings a productive feeling. I think a lot of us recognize this.


This time I brought my camera with me to Ken’s studio in the center of Antwerp. I already dedicated a post to Ken’s work. He studies Fashion and you could also just read that from the pictures.


I love the white space with the beautiful wooden floor that ensures that the personal touches grab your attention. And again you see the humorous things just like in Ken’s collections.


But after talking about his designing skills in fashion and interior, his personal styling is not to forget. Playing with colors and proportions also pops up again. I always admitted people who create their own world with their styling.

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