When purchasing new shoes, there is always one thing going through our heads, how to wear them? Great shoes in our vision are the ones that aren’t only useable for a certain season or occasion. The more seasons they’re wearable and the more occasions you can wear them, the better! Today we are showing you 5 kind of shoes which can handle every occasion, even a tropical storm.

The boot: A good boot can resist every kind of weather but also gives your look a more grown-up feeling.

Leather tennis shoe: Wearable for every occasion but also comfortable. We love to wear it with jeans but also cigarette pants are a good way to go.

High sneaker: We’re a big fan of these kind of sneakers lately. It’s easy to wear and gives a more edgy vibe. Go for the black ones so they don’t look dirty too fast!

Sneaker with a twist: When you feel like wearing a sneaker but it would look too easy, just take the sneakers with a twist and you’re ready to go. They fit like a normal sneaker but doesn’t look like the regular ones everyone is wearing.

Daily sneaker:  You know, the ones you use to go grocery shopping, maybe also not the most elegant ones but definitely the most comfy!

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talks | Good morning YouTube

July 14, 2016
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Good morning Youtube! We already said it a while a go (to be honest) but now it’s for real. We are finally putting a lot of effort in our Youtube channel. It feels truly exciting for us. Although this is like the a new chapter, the concept is still the same. Still some struggling and it might be awkward sometimes, but we will get there!


Hardwearing has always been a project where we can experiment and learn by trial and error. This was the case with photography, writing, content creation,… Now that we’ve mainly managed those, it’s time to discover new horizons: videos! Again, it feels very exciting to explore new territories. With every video, we hope to push our boundaries a bit further and to grow in it!

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Last week, an interview with a local newspaper here in Belgium came out. The headliner of this interview was: ‘We only have one clothing rack each’, which seems surprising for a lot of people since fashion bloggers are supposed to have a lot of clothes? But today, we’re here with tips and tricks on how to handle a small clothing rack with endless possibilities.

1 We said it before and we say it again: invest in good basics and choose for quality over quantity. While looking for these basics, mainly look for the quality, not for the aesthetic part!

2 Force yourself and be strict: clean out your closet at least once a season. When you think ‘I would maybe wear it again’, just get rid of it. The thought only indicates the doubt!

3 You can’t take something in if you don’t throw something out: if we wouldn’t be holding on to this rule our clothing rack would multiply very easily. This rule works very well for us!

4 Play with vintage before you buy an expensive new item: besides the basics, we are aware that you need something to spice up your entire wardrobe. But those are usually the ones who end up as a wrong purchase. To avoid this problem a lot of people buy a cheaper version first to test if they will wear it or not. Instead of buying these from fast fashion brands you could consider the vintage version of them. You win on budget and it’s more sustainable.

5 Think about your combinations first: before buying, think about the combinations you can make. Being able to at least make 5 combinations with a piece is a must. If it fits with everything, that would be perfect!

Hopefully these tips also work for you! If you have other ideas on how to minimize a wardrobe, let us know!

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People often say that we are a inexhaustible  source of inspiration. We both have our freelance work, schoolwork and the blog were we have to come with new and fresh ideas every week. When we sometimes think about it, we couldn’t almost imagine how we do it. But especially for you guys, we went in our own way of thinking in the help that we could help you out when you are out of inspiration.

1. What really helps for us and what we apply the most is the white paper. Sitting together with a white paper and just writing down everything that comes up in our minds

2. Many big companies use the internet for inspiration. Something we wouldn’t recommend. You can use parts of other ideas in your design, but because of that, it will never be innovative. So turn your electronic devices off!


3. When you have spitted too many ideas on one day and you feel blocked, the best thing you can do is to leave it all. Taking a walk and looking around will give you new perspective.

4. Having a talk with roommates, classmates or family can help you out too! When they work or studie an other sector, it’s even better. They see things different than you what can bring you to new ideas.

5. And the last but the most important one: moodboards! Litterly print of your mood: colors, compositions, artworks, buildings, … . Make a composition white them and you will really get the vibe.

Wich tricks to you use to get your inspiration?


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It’s always exciting when there’s a new shop opening in Antwerp, but this time it gets even better! The team behind A.S. Adventure is launching a total new concept under the name JUTTU!  At JUTTU, it will be all about the experience behind shopping. They want to make you conscience of what you’re buying and why. Quality and durability are therefore some of the keywords of JUTTU. It is your path to make good choices for your wardrobe. Some of the 60 brands that will be sold are Rains, Fjällräven, Selected, SERAX,…


JUTTU is Finnish for storytelling or anecdote. So for the opening of the store they asked us to tell a little story about us! We thought about telling something about us. Since our first date (at the student flat we lived, so romantic) we haven’t been separated from each other. Although we were pretty different – a black and white interior designer with an iPhone against a colourful geek with an Android phone – things are still going strong after more than 2 years! We never showed this much affection before on the blog, but this felt like the right time to do it.


And there is even more! You can win a restyling with a voucher of €100 on the 14th of November, the day of the opening! So if you wanne join us that day, don’t hesitate to enter. Who doesn’t want some new and fresh clothes for winter?


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2 Comment on this post with your name and e-mail!

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