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October 15, 2014
Remix before

First of all, my excuses for the lack of posting lately. With the beginning of my last year in college, a lot of things had to be done. And throughout those busy moments my mind didn’t come up with ideas anymore. But finally I’m back in my old routine. Again with a lot of ideas and interesting features. So stay tuned!


For a school project, I was able to sniff around in the warehouse of a recycle store. The deal was that everything I took with me, I had to give a new life. Instead of taking something broke, what would make the challenge easier, I took a vintage item.


My eyes almost directly fell on a lamp and a bit later I found the exact same lamp again but unused and still in a box. After coming home I realized that it was an infrared light. It has a function that is not contemporary anymore so I could completely strip the technical inside. The only thing left was the beautiful shape where I fell for the first time I saw them.


The shape made me think of new ‘sound’ items. But the best idea came later. The metal lampshade was perfect to create echo. That would be perfect for a wireless iPhone speaker. But still, I wanted the beautiful object still be beautiful after giving it a new function. Considering every little piece I took away or added could make or break the speaker. I think it became a very beautiful and contemporary object to have on your shelf.

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DIY Candle holders DIY Candle holders

I decided this week to make an end of a long search for the perfect candleholder. I didn’t find any concrete one that had enough body. So I started to think how I could make it by myself on an easy way. After a lot of trying, I decided to share it with you. It’s actually very easy and very fast.


I only show you a few ones, but there are thousand of options. You can for example put a few candles in one body, making them high or just very low, scrubbing the upside to make it as smooth as the sides, … The only thing I know for sure is that they look better if you put a few of them together.



1. Cut a bottle, from which you like the bottom part (I took 2l bottles for small candles and 0.5l bottles for big candles).
2. Mix cement, white sand and water in a bucket to make the concrete. (I didn’t use any proportions, just follow your instinct or ask your dad)
3. Fill the bottle with the concrete. You can play with the height of the candleholder by adding less or more concrete.
4. Put something as thick as the candle in the concrete. Don’t forget to tape it, otherwise it won’t be easy to take it out.
5. Let it dry for at least 24 hours. When you want to take it out, check if it’s really dry.
6. Cut the bottle and take out the shape of the candle. Now you’re finished!

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items | Cereal magazine

July 6, 2014
Cereal Magazine Cereal Magazine

What I like so much about reading magazines is that you can get inspiration from it. Besides that, you get to know new stuff and it kills some time when you got nothing to do. One of the magazines I often read is Cereal magazine. Cereal is a travel and lifestyle magazine that just started last year and updates quarterly.


Last week, I bought the new sixth issue. I like the fact that this is not just a travel magazine where they will explain all the touristic places. They look for some specific places and go deeper into it. In this issue, they visit Singapore, Wales and Vancouver.


Next to the travel parts, there are the interludes. Where they’ll show you stuff like sunglasses, bags, watches and even succulents that you can use at home. Everything is explained very clearly assisted by bright pictures, all wrapped up in a minimalistic layout. Definitely a must read for those who love to discover new places.

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items | Work instruments

May 16, 2014
Black work instruments Black work instruments

It feels strange to write a post about things I will always lose. Work instruments are always around me. I spend a lot of time with them on my desk. However at some point, I’m not that organized though. Like for a lot of people, these things come and disappear again. Normally I don’t own one of those longer than 3 months.


Children feel attracted to a lot of colours. I feel more attracted to black and metal. They look (only look) stronger. When I buy new gear and put them in my pencil case, I always start with a good intention. Saying to myself ‘I’m going to respect and clean them’. But when I’m in a hurry, they sometimes end up in my backpack and I never see them back. While making these pictures I questioned my purchasing habits. For me, it’s the most important that everything looks clean and matched.

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items | Tetra in an other way

April 29, 2014
Tetra set

A time ago I designed a small bag line. I chose to do it in a non-ordinary material. So I used Tetra, known from the beverages. I’m not making it of a used Tetra Brik but I decided to buy a big roll of tetra. That’s how I could make it look clean.


The fun part about it is that when you iron two separate parts, it melts together. So I was able to make it without sewing, adding glue or anything else. As contrast of the new Tetra, I took a used screw cap of a milk bottle that is melted on the front of the bags. Then you can easily open and close it.

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