items | Guilty pleasures

June 9, 2015
Filippa K Vans muuto vintage

While Joeri is still in exams, I decided to spent my free time in a good way. After being in a rush for half a year, it was time for some treatments for myself. Normally, I succeed in not buying in an impulsive way, mostly until it’s sold out.


But this time, I came home with a lot of bags and it actually felt damn good. I was so happy with all my new goods. A good mix of interior and apparel, vintage and new.

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items | A basket story

May 5, 2015

Today, we will bring you a story where we admit that estimating is not our strongest point. Let’s start at the beginning. We saw this woven bamboo basket at the IKEA department store while shopping for our collaboration. We loved the color of the wood and that every single basket is handmade and unique.


What we also saw right away was that it could be way more than just a basket. We immediately thought about using it as a bench for Monty (the starring dog). So it would be a great accessory adjustment to our setting.


When arriving that day at the location we were going to shoot, we instantly saw that there was no way that Monty would fit in his new bench. After trying to lure him for 30 minutes with food, we had to move on. So the basket ended up in our video as… a basket. But this post is brought to prove you the opposite. Here, we use it as a laundry basket! But you could also put it upside down as a side table. Imagine it with a light underneath it and the beautiful shadows of it. Clue of the story: bad buys deserve a second chance too and they will probably turn out better than your first idea.

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6 urban outfitters 3urbanoutfitters

We already told you that we will work together with one of our favorite multi-brand store in the future. And here is, ready to reveal for you, the first part! Visiting Urban Outfitters has always been an experience full of cultures. That is what we love so much about Urban Outfitters, they always know how to communicate with their clients and they are also very aware of what they want.


Working on a desk is a real struggle for us. Being concentrated behind a desk for hours, is just impossible. We prefer some variety. Like a space where we can sit in a cozy setting, but still be able to work. We found the perfect chair for this: a leather butterfly chair!


The chair just has everything we need. First of all, it’s easy portable. If you just want to put it somewhere else, you can move it in no time. Want to work outside on a sunny day? Everything is possible. You can also sit in different positions, so you’ll easily find the most comfortable one!

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We usually don’t use that much decoration in our interior, but when we choose for decoration it’s just like our interior: multifunctional. We also love accessories that stand out and really show some personality. You could already see this jar and vases set in our video we made for IKEA Belgium. As you can see, in this video we used this set totally different than here.


This is what we like about this set, you can change it to your needs. We also don’t use them all together. The vase can stay on the window sill while a jar can function in the kitchen. Also the colour combinations are very wide. All this functional and personalising things is what made us fall for this set from the IKEA PS collection.

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items | Mysterious water

March 23, 2015

A few days ago, we posted a picture on Instagram of this black water, a lot of people were very curious about it and so were we. It’s in the first place very strange to drink black water because humans are programmed to drink clear and healthy water. But we gave it a shot and this blk. water just tasted as normal water and is also just as healthy. The water owes his colour to fulvic trace minerals.


It’s also not a secret anymore that we love good branding. When we received this package in our mailbox, we weren’t only surprised that the water was black. The timeless design of the bottle made it even better. In our opinion, branding can make a brand or break it. In this case, it’s definitely a good thing.

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