items | Pure imperfection

November 9, 2015
harmony apparel white shirt

Our search for some good basics is always going on. Lately, we seem to be looking for a little more edgy element to spice up our wardrobe. Harmony definitely had to offer what we were looking for. This white shirt with ripped collar and grey sweatshirt with holes are a perfect asset.


What we love so much about it is that they find a good balance between the twist and still keep it basic. No overkill at all. So our winter outfits will exist of some pure imperfection. What is your favorite winter item?

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It’s been a long time ago since we did a giveaway. A good thing for you guys and for us because we love sharing, just like Zalando. But besides sharing items with you guys, the goal of this blog is to share: we love sharing emotions, stories and experiences. And the new campaign of Zalando feels like this too. So there’s no better partner in crime for this giveaway!


Zalando is that kind of multibrand store where everyone can find what he or she is looking for! You could almost say, if you can’t find it at Zalando, it doesn’t exist. Perfect to show who you are, to make your mark and to share it! We choose for 2 unisex items we wanted to share with you that are really a signature for our style. So you guys can win this grey Lacoste sweater or these white Vans originals!


This is what you have to do to win one of those two items is:

1. Drop a comment in the comment section below and tell us your name, e-mail and which item you would like (you can enter for both items!)
2. Like our Facebook page!

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items | Close the loop with H&M

September 4, 2015

Sustainability in fashion has always been an important part of Hardwearing! Making people aware of what they buy has become a mission for us. When shopping, there should be more questions in your head than just ‘what do I like’. Always challenge yourself to ask why and how! There are always the good and the bad ones. H&M in this case is definitely the good one! From the clothes they collect in their stores, they made this new collection. A timeless denim collection which you can wear with pride!

When H&M came up to us with the question if we wanted to do something with this new collection, we didn’t hesitate for a second. The concept and the design are totally Hardwearing proof. So, we decided to make a kind of display involving lots of green and recycled products in a minimalistic environment. Do you guys think about durability and sustainability while shopping?

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items | Timeless necessity

August 6, 2015

It’s actually been a very long time since we invested in some new accessories. A watch has never really been on the top of our list since we are very picky on the design. Every aspect of it just has to be right. After some searching we found the right one: these timeless Daniel Wellington. It’s leather, the design of the clock is perfect and most important it’s light and thin! Now, we only have to adjust on wearing a watch after years of ‘inactivity’. Although, it actually feels nice to not check our phone every other minute.

Are you also in need for a new one? We can give you guys a 15% discount on a watch in their online store! Just use our discount code: Hardwearing. Don’t hesitate too long, it will be valid until the end of August! What is your favorite timeless necessity?




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items | Flexit

July 1, 2015
Design interior

The last half year, sitting down was not an option. Between the blog, my weekend work, internships and schoolwork, I also designed my last schoolproject: Flexit. I decided to design a furniture which you can always fit to your temporary needs. Whenever you need a double bed, a double desk or a combination, you can make it work in 16 minutes. I came up with this idea because living in a dorm and living in an aesthetic place is a thing which is hard to combine.




Besides that, everything you buy for your little room is so specific for that room, that you can’t use it in your next house. Flexit really has become an allround, flexible, multifunctional and durable furniture.


After completing all this, a place on the internet where I gather all of my work was necessarily. Joeri made me a portfolio site that really fits my point of view and works as an archive for me and hopefully as an inspiration for others.

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