Henry van de Velde awards Henry van de Velde awards

Being invited to attent the Henry Van de Velde awards is already a personal highlight of 2015 for us. This Belgian award is not just an award, I think we can say that these are the most important prices a Belgian designer can get. Yesterday we got the privilege to see the exposition before it openend.


Not only the winning designs were impressive but also the scenography and graphic parts of the exhibition. We are convinced that the Henry Van de Velde awards are a great initiative of Design Vlaanderen to put role model designers in the spotlight.

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environment | Exposing

November 20, 2014
Exposing Nike Exposing Nike APC Exposing Acne studios

We really don’t like to hide our new clothes we bought. That’s why we expose our new stuff. We always have a corner or some space left where we can put something in the spotlight. This space needs to be bright and open with eventually some sunshine during the day to lighten it up.


This space is not only suitable for clothes but also for our books or magazines. The magazines we buy are often an inspiration for us. It’s very convenient because it is easy accessible anytime. Plus, we don’t want to hide the beautiful covers in a bookshelf.

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Interior Eames

I’m not the only one in the family having a weakness for interiors. I think I received the microbe from my parents. Although our style is different on the first sight, there are still a lot of things we have in common. We both love contemporary design in combination with vintage. Also I have the love for design classics in my veins because of them.


The biggest difference is that the living room is a dark and cozy cave. But the design classics give the space that extra touch. Every time when I look at those, I discover a new detail. That makes this living room a real inspiration for me.

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Room iMac Room chair Room IKEA

As I told you in my previous post about my room, it keeps changing constantly. It’s now a month ago I captured my room and here is the proof! Till then, a lot of new pieces came in and a few old ones went out. My philosophy is ‘you can’t take something in if you don’t put something out’. If I wouldn’t follow this rule, or another design gatherer wouldn’t, rooms would be overloaded.


The concept of my room is ‘bright & fresh’. And a concept wouldn’t be a concept if I wouldn’t be stuck on it. Just as the old furniture, the new ones strength the concept. Again, Ikea dominates.

But after Ikea, also a main vintage piece is added. I was able to put my fingers on a vintage Thonet. I was looking for a design classic as that for a long time. And after a long search I found one in a local and small vintage store. Already painted white and for only 50 cent. This chair isn’t only a decoration piece, but now I finally have a chair for me desk instead of a rocking chair. And as the desk became a desk, I bought a desktop so I can finally function from a fully desk instead of a bed.

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Liege train station Liege train station

Although I’m a sensational architecture spotter, I’ve never visited the only building of Calatrava in Belgium. I always see this building in pictures of others. It looks like it was just a building where he just wields his style. So I was actually never interested in it.


But after all, I always aimed the specific style of Calatrava, those white ribs that make a roof. I decided to give it a shot and took my camera with me. When I arrived and saw the station from far, I still wasn’t impressed.


But after wandering for half an hour, the details began to penetrate through my eyes. Although, I still didn’t like the typical train station hall, the function and circulation was the same as any other station. But those details were to die for! The curves and curls were that sensational where I always look for in architecture. Not to forget to mention that the white steal floats together with the white concrete. And after all, I have to admit: visiting the building was sensational enough for me.


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