environment | Louvre Lens

July 30, 2015

As architecture fans and online follower of SANAA buildings, it was time to finally see a masterpiece in real life. After our small getaway, we went further to Lens. What previously was a city that lived from the mine, is now a city that starts to focus more and more on the art scene. The first step to this was obviously the new Louvre.





SANAA is an architecture duo from Japan. Those Japanese always know to tickle us with there fragile shapes and materials. The entire cite (there’s a park too!) of Louvre Lens is organic. The building looks straight, but is curved very slightly. The park is completely organic. The lighting is placed arbitrary, so are the plants and the pedestrian walkways. When you’re outside the building, you can feel the link with the mine history Lens has. But once you’re inside, the shiny aluminium walls and the details really let you think of some futuristic place.

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environment | Getaway

July 23, 2015

Besides our summer vacation (that still has to come though), we also decided to do a few small trips this summer. This time, we choose for a place in Belgium. This hotel is the perfect place to come to peace. Everything you can imagine is available in here. From wellness, a swimming pool, a restaurant and all over the place a quiet atmosphere. Besides the facilities and the atmosphere the architecture and the rooms are breathtaking. A place where everything feels right and that makes you calm.

Because we decided to go on a trip in our own country, the car was the most obvious transport. Although Belgium isn’t that big, we were still stuck with food and take away drinks in our car. So not getting gross was not an option. An all black outfit was a must to travel (with lots of food).

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environment | HARDWEARING x IKEA

March 10, 2015
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Most of you probably think that putting furniture together is a real struggle. However, we see it as a challenge which definitely can be fun. It gives us much more satisfaction when putting something together succeeds. We also love the process of a 2D object turning into a 3D object. So this is what we did here: documenting the fun of putting furniture together.


You probably know that we are huge fans of concrete and white. So this industrial warehouse was a perfect location. We wanted to turn this place into something cosy. And IKEA always has some great furniture pieces to put something together quickly.


Therefore we created a small lounge area where you can sit back, relax and read a book. Picking the right furniture for this was not difficult at all. We made a combination of timeless classics and new pieces from IKEA. The exotic plant and accessories give everything a final touch.

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environment | An interior challenge

February 16, 2015
ikea room white ikea room white ikea room white

A few weeks ago, we redesigned my bedroom. (For information, this is Joeri’s bedroom, this one is Pieter’s). We had totally pictured in our heads how we wanted it to be. Although, it wasn’t so simple because we had to keep the floor and the wooden beams. The first thing we did, was painting the walls white. This gives you a spacious and fresh feeling when entering the room.


Because the room is quiet big, we divided it in zones. There is the sleeping area, which is enclosed by the bureau and the clothing rack. I don’t prefer to use any walls, because we still want the zones to be in contact with each other. There is also a seating area. You cannot find it in the pictures yet, since it’s not fully done yet. Although, in a few weeks it will be revealed! At last, the mirror has a special place. We totally fell in love with it because of the two functions it has. Of course, it’s just a mirror, but you can also use the back to hang some clothes. Definitely, the eye-catcher of my bedroom.

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environment | Thoughtful trip

February 1, 2015

The exams are just over but I already left Belgium for a short trip to Istanbul. Still half sleeping, I made my first trip to a non-western country. I didn’t know what to expect before heading off because I didn’t had time to do some research. Leaving with ‘let everything come to me’ in mind, I’ve visited impressive mosques and the beautiful city life.


This city is especially beautiful when you’re on a boat and when the sun hits your face. Perfect to make the mind free and relax. What was definitely needed after those exams and with a lot of interesting projects coming up for us both and Hardwearing.

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