environment | Dutch Design Week

October 23, 2015
dutch design week eindhoven

The Dutch Design Week is an annual event in Eindhoven which I’m always looking forward to. Taking a glimpse into designer studio and brain is always a fascinating thing. 2400 designers showing their ideas, solutions and processes to the world at the same time and location is just a breath taking idea.



The beautiful thing about the Dutch Design Week besides Eindhoven as setting, is the variety. You can feel the connection between big designers as Piet Hein Eek and the new generation. The present atmosphere there is so unique. Trying to catch this ‘unity ahead’ feeling in this small impression.

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environment | Hometour #2

October 15, 2015

We already announced that IKEA would be a big part of our second hometour. We first saw the announcement of the Ilse Crawford collection and we felt in love right away. When realized the collection would come out when we would move into our new apartment, we were even more excited! The cork and natural-fibre homeware products has a really warm feeling but the shapes are still very streamlined. What actual works pretty well in our cold and concrete apartment without taking away the aesthetics.




What makes this collection so special for us, is that you can imagine this in a Japanese house but also on the other side of the world, for example in our apartment. We think this is because the details, what is hard especially for a brand like IKEA, are good and right! Beside the details, the collection is very touchable! We notice ourselves touching the table while having dinner. To make a long story short: It’s a renewable and natural collection that is heat resistant, lightweight, and dirt repellent which is a delight to the eye.

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environment | Hometour #1

October 8, 2015
white bedroom

If you’re following us on Instagram, you’d probably noticed that our scenography dramatically changed. We moved to a duplex studio in the heart of Antwerp. Besides the location that makes us exceedingly happy, the aesthetics are totally Hardwearing proof too. We couldn’t resist showing you guys the first level of our new love nest.

You can now prepare for a lot of concrete and whiteness coming up! For next week, we will show you our ground floor. Happily IKEA was our partner in crime for the interior. But more about that when we are totally settled in!

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environment | Sorry not sorry

September 10, 2015

After a long summer in Belgium, it’s finally our time to leave to a better place. We planned our holiday in the beginning of september so we could recharge our batteries before college starting again. Seeing everyone’s tropical pictures during summer was a real horror, but now it’s finally our time to relax.






We went to Marbella with a couple of friends to enjoy some quality time. Before we arrived, we had no idea what Marbella had to offer. The only thing we knew was that there was a beach and a sea. But beside that, Marbella is provided with beautiful fauna, flora and a landscape bathed in sunshine. The perfect variety we’re always looking for. Where do you guys look for when going on a summer vacation?

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environment | STROOM Rotterdam

September 7, 2015

When travelling, it’s the perfect time to discover new places, but also to get some time to relax. During our short trip to Rotterdam, we stayed at STROOM Rotterdam. The hotel surprised us with an Urban Loft, a beautiful apartment with a view over the city! Seeing some of the industrial elements of the outside coming back on the inside with a pop of color is what we love most about it. The rest of the room is kept cosy and clean, the total package!


Besides the pretty rooms, STROOM has to offer a lot more. During the day, you can sit at the espresso bar or enjoy some high tea. In the evening, there is a rooftop terrace where you can have diner! Although our stay was for only one night, this was the perfect hotel to get our mind off some work stuff.

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