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November 8, 2016
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We have a longterm bucket list we want to archive (yes, really). One of those things was doing ‘something’ on Biennials Interieur at Kortrijk. It’s been a inspiration for us for a long time. Every 2 years, we go back to Kortrijk and always come back with loads of inspiration. It was kind of a dream to be their and be one of those artists that inspire other people. And this year, we made it! Thanks to Baroness O. who created the Future Archive booth. A Booth that includes lots of furniture and a beautiful scenography, ready to be a Canvas for serveral artists. Every day another one, with another background and an other idea.

‘Hardwearing will release their recognizable sense of aesthetics on the selection of objects. Using simple-yet-striking scenography, Joeri and Pieter will create a dreamlike world, highlighting the elements of their choice on set, in pictures and video.’ was predicted, and here is the result of a day of experimenting and having fun!

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environment | Goodbye LA

October 20, 2016
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Normally, we only post polished posts here with HQ pictures, but this time we thought to just share our iPhone pictures. While in LA, we made pictures of everything different from Europe and those pictures never made it to our Instagram feed or blog. Now we just want to show you how we saw LA!

We also wanted to use this post to show our video footage we made during the trip. You can check it out here or on our Youtube!

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environment | Shiny curves

October 10, 2016

Before we left Belgium for LA, we made a clear list for ourselves of what architecture we really wanted to see. On top of this list was the Walt Disney Concert Hall by Frank Ghery . We already spotted a few works of him before but we never made it to the ones with the shiny torso. It’s very satisfying when you spot the building 3 blocks away already. And how beautiful does the building reflect the LA sun?

About the outfit Pieter is wearing, there is not that much special going on. Actually it’s a very typical to go outfit of ours, especially when on vacation. Comfortable Teva’s with a tailored short is pretty much the basis. For the rest, you can style it easy with anything and any color!

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environment | Vitra Campus

April 27, 2016

A day at the Vitra campus, a day that was on our bucket list for a while. It almost looks like a theme park from far away but while getting closer, you notice that it’s a cite with great architecture. The Vitra campus features some work of our favourite architectures. The whole campus was so photogenic, even the wire chairs for the employees to take a smoke look great in the sunlight.

Opening our Tour in the Frank O. Gehry factory (way better than the Willy Wonka chocolate factory in our perspective). Further on, the Zaha Hadid fire station and the Sanaa factory. But also Tadao Ando and Herzog & de Meuron have their place on the campus.

The blue sky, blossom trees, sunbeams and the architecture definitely made it the day I was expecting it to be. Getting to know a brand like Vitra from the inside is always an interesting experience!

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environment | Smart thinking

March 7, 2016
stairs by eestairs

The last thing people look for when moving into a new house is their staircase. When making this decision people will probably choose the option that fits the aesthetic style of the rest of their house. Not keeping in mind the space you can save when picking the right stairs. We came across these 1m2 stairs by EeStairs which offer a combination of both a practical and stylish design.

In this home, the owners, who are also the architects at Aeon, decided to hide the stairs to their rooftop terrace (which looks absolutely stunning). Fitting a whole staircase into a cabinet is definitely not easy but with this compact, spiral shaped 1m2 design it became a reality for them! We hadn’t seen this before, but thinking about it, it’s super smart to hide the stairs to your rooftop terrace (or attic), since you won’t use it that much. Problems with cleaning are also the past, since the steel material is maintenance-friendly. What else do you need?

We are convinced that stairs like these will be more and more common, as our homes will become smaller and smaller. Maybe we should start thinking about changing our loft ladder to a space saving one!

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