apparel | Logomania #2

May 28, 2015
champion outfit Urban outfitters champion outfit Urban outfitters

Something we always try to avoid is wearing the same clothes (which is actually very difficult). The twin look always leads to awkward situations and conversations. Although, this time it happened but not on purpose.




With the summer coming soon, we both like a fresh white tee. Breaking the ‘every day another plain white T-shirt’ is a challenge for both of us. The easiest way to do this is working with logo’s and special details. This time we both accidentally chose for option one.

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apparel | Logomania #1

May 26, 2015
calvin klein outfit urban outfitters

Coming back from studyland for 2 hours feels pretty good! Leaving our desk and wearing some new clothes from Urban Outfitters instead of study outfits was a great idea. We needed to charge our batteries and with the sun coming out, that was just how we wanted it.


The location near our home we shooted this let us think of a 30 degree place with a nice beach. Especially the curvy building that looks very Mediterranean and the facade with the sandy texture.

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apparel | Made from nature

April 28, 2015

A good pair of sunglasses is definitely one of our all time favorite accessory during the summer months. We both already had a black Wayfarer pair but were also looking for something else. Although, we wanted to keep the iconic wayfarer model. So we started looking for something new and came across these from Beaver Bril.


Before, we never heard about sunglasses made from stone and it was really surprising holding these for the first time. The sunglasses were extremely light, but the thing we liked the most is that every model is unique by the variation in color and roughness.

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apparel | Sunday leisurewear

April 21, 2015

Our weekend attire was much more interesting than what we wore last week to work and school. With the sun finally coming out, it was the perfect time to change our stay-at-home leisurewear.



This – I’m not doing that much – outfit is perfect to wander in and outside. Finally not feeling the need anymore to wear shoes. Bare feet on the green grass is the feeling we missed during the winter times.

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apparel | 5 summer shoes

April 16, 2015

Summer isn’t there yet, but spring has fully started now. So when we saw our shoes, we thought it would be the perfect time to show you our 5 favorite summer shoes.


As you know, we stick to the basic, timeless models with a combination of old and new. Sneakers and sandals which we can wear with any outfit and last for several seasons!






* A pair of black authentic Vans always come in handy, but are the most fun to wear during the summer months.

* Everyone probably has their pair of favorite Nike sneakers. Our favorite for this summer is the Free OG Superiors from the A.P.C x Nike collaboration.

* A white sneaker. Some weeks ago, we bought these Reebok Classics (as you could see in this post) and since then we haven’t taken them off.

* Warmer weather also means wearing sandals and flip flops! We prefer the basic ones like these from Adidas. Just perfect for a day at the pool. The Teva’s are more suitable for a long trip.

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