apparel | Monday mood

August 10, 2015

Our summer holiday has been going on for a while now. Although, the most exciting part of it will be at the end (in a few weeks). Than, we can finally show you some other exciting collaborations and we are also going on vacation! We will head to Marbella with some friends to have a few days off before starting college again.

Here, Joeri is wearing his all way to go outfit. A comfortable white Tee with sneakers, dressed up with these costume shorts. Those make it wearable on every occasion.

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apparel | Fading in

August 3, 2015

To end our little trip, we decided to make some outfit pictures in this beautiful SANAA building. We didn’t decided which one of us would show his outfit since we didn’t really know how the inside would be like. In the end, it seemed Joeri’s blue-white outfit fitted perfectly with the atmosphere of the museum.


Finding the right spot to take some shots in here wasn’t the most difficult part. The windows provide some great light inside and every space from the cafetaria to the picknick place is just suitable for a perfect picture.

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apparel | The great wall

July 27, 2015

Defining our style in just one or two words is hard. We are not getting impulses from just one (sub-)culture. Keeping our eyes open for what happens in the entire fashion scene is what we like to do.



In this look Pieter was definitely inspired by streetwear. From a sporty hoodie to classic Vans sneakers. Because the entire look is black, it still has its elegance and chicness. Where do you get your inspiration from?

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apparel | Summer bottom guide

July 20, 2015

We are both more winter types when it comes to getting dressed. We like layering and wrapping us self in. So the change to summer clothes is always something we like to delay. Since we’re struggling every year with this change and thought you guys maybe have the same struggle, we’re here with – hopefully – a helpful guide.


1. A jeans short: Very easy to combine and easy going. Just wear a pair of sneakers with it and you’re ready!


2. Slippers are hard to combine. Only wear it with shorts when you go to the beach! We wore it with a costume pants to make it instant chic!

3. There’s a thin line between sandals and slippers, but there definitely is one. These Teva sandals are so minimal shaped that you can combine them easily with everything.


4. When you don’t want to wear shorts but jeans are too hot, cut a hole in an old jeans to make the heat more bearable. Besides that, high top sneakers like these converses are also hard to combine with shorts, so if you aren’t a pro in combining clothes don’t try it out of your house.

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apparel | Cold summer day

July 14, 2015

Because living in Belgium, summer does not always means hot weather. We are happy with high temperatures but are always aware that after sunshine comes rain (or even a storm). And aware as we are, our closet is that too.




This means that we often have the opportunity to mix our summer and winter wardrobe. Mixing short with long and open and closed. Which tips do you have for these cold summer days?

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