apparel | Winter transition #1

September 21, 2015

We teamed up with Urban Outfitters for an article on their blog! Autumn has arrived while August has slipped quietly out the back door. The weather is constantly changing: We wake up and it’s cold, by lunchtime it’s sunny and by afternoon it’s raining. So we both styled one key item three ways to make you guys ready for this changing weather.


It’s no secret that we love our fashion like our lifestyle: easy-going. When getting up in the morning and you haven’t had a cup of coffee yet, it can be a bit too much like hard work to pick out an entire outfit. If you choose neutral pieces that be easily paired with the majority of your wardrobe, you’re on to something. I chose to style up this grey Cheap Monday sweater because it goes with almost everything and is suitable for every occasion.



Outfit 1 | This look is perfect for when you have a busy day ahead. Whether rain or shine, you’re sorted for all weather conditions. When it’s just a little bit colder, you can zip the jacket and when it’s hot you can easily take it off and carry it with you. top: Carhartt, middle: Levi’s, bottom: Clarks


Outfit 2 | This sweater is easy to combine with a statement piece. I only ever go for one statement piece per outfit. Since this sweater is so serene, it won’t be too much. middle: Levi’s, bottom: Stan Smith


Outfit 3 | If you’re heading out to a fancier joint, you can easily wear this sweater over a shirt to give it a more classic feel. While this outfit is also comfortable, you can easily style it up. top: Levi’s, Rains, middle: Levi’s, bottom: Clarks

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apparel | Tropical scenery

September 14, 2015

Marbella is just one of these places where you can wander around and suddenly meet some exciting new places. Since, we don’t really have these tropical plants in Belgium, we got kinda obsessed with it. So when we saw this place, we took a little break from our walk to shoot this outfit.


It will probably be one of the last summer outfit on the blog, since the weather back home is terrifying. But for now, we are satisfied that we can enjoy these last bits of summer!

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apparel | Endless possibilities

August 31, 2015

The Blue Ridge collection of WE is one of those collections with endless possibilities. Because the key material of the collection is jeans, you can really go in any direction: all dressed up or dressed down. Joeri went all casual with just denim pants and a graphic tee while Pieter went a bit more classy with his denim. He choose to dress it up with a shirt. These possibilities describe perfectly what we like about these collection!

And, luckily for you guys, you can make a chance to win these denim items too! Every week, two bloggers will battle to each other. The audience decides who is the winner and your vote makes a chance for a year full of free denim!

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apparel | Customised icons

August 26, 2015

It’s not a secret anymore that we are big fans of Levi’s. We could wear those jeans, jackets and T-shirts everyday of the year! So, when we heard that we could customise our own Levi’s item at the Tailer Shop, we immediately were excited!


Levi’s invited us to customise our favorite icon at their store in Antwerp. The most difficult part was probably choosing which icon we wanted to experiment with. In the end, Pieter choose for holes in the 501CT and Joeri turned the trucker jacket into a Hardwearing one. Which classic item would you like to experiment with?

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apparel | In between

August 21, 2015

Last week, we made a short trip to Antwerp. Pieter had a shoot for his second magazine appearance since FLEXIT is a big success! Plus, we also wanted to shoot Joeri’s outfit. This striped T-shirt from the People’s Place originals collection of Tommy Hilfiger refers to the earliest design inspirations of the brand. It goes back to a more vintage, rock-and-roll edge mixed with the current design aesthetics.

Although, we ended up with also taking pictures of Pieter. So, we decided to make this a small double outfit post. Do you guys like these duo outfit posts? More of them will be coming soon online!

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