apparel | Winterproof

December 3, 2015

We kind of have a love-hate relationship with the winter season. We like having a warm feeling, but don’t want to dress like an eskimo either. So we looked for a compromise. This fleece jacket doesn’t give you that eskimo feeling, but it’s extremely warm and comfortable though.




We also fell in love with these low original Clarks. We have been occasionally dropping the sneakers and going for this more dressed up look. These classics are just so easy-going and perfect for every event. What’s your favorite item for this season?

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apparel | Japanese influences

October 19, 2015
uniqlo japan antwerp

We’ve been talking a lot already about Japanese architecture and interior. Just a few months ago, we visited Louvre Lens, designed by SANAA, a Japanese architectural firm. But now it’s time to talk about some Japanse fashion. We had both heard of Uniqlo before but hadn’t really entered or explored the brand. So that changed a little while ago when the first store opened his doors in Antwerp!


What we like so much about it is that just like the architecture it’s really accessible and easy-going. They definitely know how to deal with basics. Besides the regular collection, they also teamed up with Lemaire. These fabrics and silhouettes made us even more excited and we couldn’t resist buying some of them. A perfect start for our winter wardrobe!

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apparel | Becoming a gardener

October 12, 2015

We’ve never been into gardening, but as we start with it one day, we already know how our gardeners house will look like! While doing some exhibitions this weekend, we went to the Hedge House. A concrete house next to a castle that functions as an exhibition space and a gardening house. The Hedge House is designed by Wiel Arets, a Dutch architect. We almost chase after his architectural works to use it as the background in our apparel posts. You may recognise some style similarities in our Urban outfitters post?

I tuned my outfit for a clean exhibitions place. A white shirt that matches the background and give some breathing space for the artworks. But after making pictures in the exhibition area, we noticed that the door of the actual gardeners house was open. When we slipped in we had to do the whole photographing process again!

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apparel | Trading situation

October 5, 2015

One of the best things about being the smallest is definitely getting the clothes that are too small for Pieter. Besides that, I can always borrow something (and try to keep it) that’s not way too big for me. This H&M Conscious jacket is definitely something from that list!


Since we moved to Antwerp a few ago, we’re also looking for new locations to shoot these outfits. So you guys will see a lot of new spots coming along in the future! One of them is this concrete playground!

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apparel | Winter transition #2

September 24, 2015

A bomber jacket is a staple item for every man. They’re super easy to style and add a contemporary, timeless edge to your look. We love the vintage feel to this jacket. If you’re not a fan of thick winter jackets, a bomber will definitely last you through autumn and a good part of winter. (Although it wouldn’t be particularly useful during a snowstorm!)


Outfit 1 | Bomber jackets are so comfortable to wear which makes for an all-round comfy styling solution. Some ripped jeans and a slightly oversized T-shirt and you’re ready for your day off. top: Shore Leave, middle: Levi’s, bottom: Converse


Outfit 2 | The summer is ending; certainly in Belgium it’s getting way colder already which means you’ll probably need a jacket to go out. We fell in love with this linen shirt – when paired with the jacket makes for an ultra minimalistic look. top: L’homme Rouge, middle: Cheap Monday, bottom: Vans


Outfit 3 | Champion always has a range of good basics to wear with a bomber. This season, this sweatshirt and the jacket will do everything when – in a few months – the days will be getting colder. top: Champion, middle: Cheap Monday, bottom: Vans

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