apparel | New companion

February 15, 2016

For those who are following us on Instagram, have probably noticed that we did some shopping at Acne lately. Since we have the same taste, we often have discussions about who’s buying what. This time it’s a whole story. Pieter always wanted to buy this grey, cosy sweater with unfinished borders since it came out in September. He actually never got to it, so when I saw this one in sales (and only available in my size) I knew it was my lucky day! Although, he had no reason to be mad at me since a week before that, he bought an item that was on my wishlist forever!  So, I guess we are even on this one.

Ever since, I have been living in this sweater. Just as you expect from Acne, it’s super soft and warm. It was definitely my perfect companion during our trip to Düsseldorf last week! We took these pictures at K21, a lovely museum which definitely is a must-go while visiting this city!  Oh, and for those are curious to see Pieter’s purchase? It will be on the blog very soon!


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apparel | Chasing obsessions

February 9, 2016

Hugo Boss is a name everyone tends to know and understand. It’s a brand focussing on different layers of people and where everyone can find his sense. Hugo Boss is the main brand name, but underneath there is a pile of different brands. Hugo and Boss are two of them, which are featured in this look too. Boss for example is the name most of us are common with. It provides sharp custom suits in a temporary way while Hugo is very playful and dares to play with tailored pieces. Combining the two brings out the best we believe!

The building that makes the background for this look is one of our ‘chasing architecture’ adventures, designed by one of our all-time favorite: Tadao Ando. Instead of calling it the ‘chasing architecture’ serie, we could also called it ‘chasing our favorite Japanese designers’ though. Obsessions are called obsessions for a reason right?

This serene place is designed for having the best inside-outside experience and to display some artworks from the greatest artists from the 20th century. While in the middle of nowhere it still gave us that futuristic vibe because of the overflow of light, glass and concrete!

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apparel | Collection Of Style

February 1, 2016
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We don’t have to introduce COS on our blog anymore. Almost every outfit post here includes at least one piece, but why? The brand really fits our vision and that probably is why it also fits our wardrobe. COS knows how to make good classics and wardrobe essentials who last beyond the season. They succeed in combining the traditional with the new, hip and trendy.

This time, it’s a bit different from the other posts where we feature COS. We decided to team up and show some items of their new collection. We could choose a concrete building to shoot these looks, but we didn’t. COS offers calmness for us and that’s what we wanted you to see and feel. When we arrived at the seaside, we where totally convinced.

We had so much fun shooting these looks that we kind of forgot about the horrible weather – we had to go through some heavy wind and sandstorms. We even came up with the idea of making a video while shooting. Which is actually something we want to do more and more for you guys!

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apparel | White square

December 24, 2015

Before the question pops up: that little white square isn’t a new fashion accessory. But better a week with a plaster than my hole life with a red spot on my face, right? Now that we’ve already told one awkward fact, here’s another one: while shooting this look, we saw these white fire stairs that looked perfect as a background for this outfit. While going outside, the door closed and we were locked up. After shooting we had to jump off to escape from the fire stair, if that makes sense.


To the point: We’re so happy that the weather is going down and that we can finally layer again and wear boots! I order these Clarks desert boots every year again. It’s just a great basic which fits every occasion and is resistant to every kind of weather.


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apparel | New textures

December 7, 2015
urban outfitters black levi's cheap monday outfit

From my teenage years, I’m a die hard fan of skinny jeans. This time, I finally had the balls to try out a more wider model. It was hard at the beginning, but now, I’m a fan! The structure of this 501 CT from Levi’s has a bit more texture so I still feel that rock and roll vibe on my legs! Talking about textures, this Cheap Monday knit is the softest sweater I ever wore!

In this look, I’m playing with formal and informal. While my jacket gives the impression that I just came back from a chic party, my sneakers gives you the opposite feeling. The result makes it suitable for every occasion.

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