apparel | Neutral black

May 10, 2016

Black on black on black… It has always been our favorite! It just opens so many options. It gives you a mysterious vibe, alternative vibe or a who-know-what vibe. Black is that one color I feel best in and in which you can never go wrong in any way.



Here, I’m wearing a suede jacket with a grungy T-shirt from Cheap Monday. While my upper body has a more edgier vibe, my bottom is very neutral. These Clarks boots are one of those pairs I own which I manage to combine with every outfit and for every occasion.

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apparel | Free your feet!

May 4, 2016

The summer is getting closer and closer. For us, it’s always a time of freedom and enjoying our free time. Although, this will probably be our last ‘free’ summer. We are graduating from college in a few months and ‘real life’ is knocking on the door. So who knows next summer we will be working?

So we definitely realize that we have to make the best of this summer. Something that reminds us of summer already? Teva sandals of course! During this period, we actually don’t wear anything else on our feet. If you look back at one of our outfits from last summer, you will probably see some too… they’re comfortable, look good and your feet don’t sweat all day. It’s our partner in crime during our trips. That’s exactly what we did here too.

On a rare sunny day in April, we went to check out a new spot to shoot some pictures. We hadn’t been here before and were pretty lucky that the skate park was empty. What we didn’t know was that the park was surrounded by big, kind of tropical trees (they look exotic to us). So instead of a full concrete post, it turned out to be a combination of nature and concrete. It also gave us a little Miami / LA vibe. All of this, giving us a feeling of freedom which connects us to summer, even it’s only May.

Do you guys also want the perfect summer? Join the Teva #OriginalSummer competition and share your ‘original summer moment’ on Instagram with the hashtag #OriginalSummer for the chance to win a pair of Teva sandals and a road trip for two around the US!

Can you think of anything better than enjoying your summer while travelling around the US? We seriously can’t.

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apparel | New and old habits

April 11, 2016

Pieter and I definitely are in an exploring mood the last few weeks. In our last post, we already told you that we have been experimenting with nature more and more. Something which happened again. But look at this place, it’s perfect to gather with some friends and let some steam off, right?

Although, we also stick to some old habits like too: all black outfits! You might think that I was sweating with this beautiful sun but a few moments later, it was raining already. Welcome to the Belgium weather! So, my new favorite jacket came in perfect. Are you guys loving these new places? Don’t worry though, some concrete happiness is coming real soon!

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apparel | Spring vibes

March 28, 2016

Lately, we have been looking for more and more architectural places to shoot our posts. But, with Spring knocking on the door, we started digging for some new spots where nature is taking over. The part of Belgium where we come from is mainly known for their nature areas instead of the urban life. But to be honest, we actually never heard of this place before. So on a typical spring day in Belgium, we decided to take our camera and explore this beautiful place of calmness.



This astonishing setting definitely deserved an equivalent outfit. The new Uniqlo x Lemaire collection immediately popped up into our minds. It’s no secret we are a big fan of Uniqlo. In combination with Lemaire, it even gets better. The easygoing shirt, loose-fits trousers all add up to a uniform that looks totally classic, effortlessly and modern all at once. Perfect for a day to clear the mind and enjoy the fresh air.

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apparel | New entries

February 29, 2016

That moment when you combine all of your new purchases and it makes a good outfit: score! I had a bit of a hoarder fase when the examens ended and the new season started. Definitely a moment of weakness and guilty pleasures. But seeing this outfit made me realise that my weakness wasn’t that bad as it first looked.


We always have a weak spot for industrial buildings. Parking lots definitely confirm our love for these places! We couldn’t skip this one with the white walls, shiny pipes and with the beautiful grid composition!

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