apparel | White grids

September 7, 2016

Live from Los Angeles, or to be even more specific: The Getty Museum. Enjoying the sun, city overviews and architecture. Visiting this place is actually one of our architecture chases (again). Since Meier is a fan of whites and grids, he’s our partner in crime for these pictures!

Summer has ended for most of us but our summer is having just its peak! We had the entire summer to plan our trips, including our outfits. This is one of them! A vintage Ralf Lauren shirt and vintage New Balance sneakers. Not bought in America but two typical american brands if you ask us. Oh, and doesn’t that shirt matches the sky perfectly?

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apparel | Next revolution

August 17, 2016

We’ve been wanting to take pictures here for a long time. For about a year, we have been checking out this place multiple times a month, each time we went home disappointed. But finally, in the beginning of the summer all the constructions were done and the barriers were removed. So we could finally do our thing here. Luckily for us, the sun was generous enough to give us some good lightning too.

Except for a new location, we also added something new to our outfit. This might seem as a regular all black outfit, but we changed our regular summer bottoms, like sneakers or sandals for something more daring. The classic Dr Martens boots are a unexplored territory for me but this new lightweight version really got my attention. It gives much more comfort and doesn’t feel like you’re wearing boots at all. So definitely keep an eye on this next revolution which is coming the first September!

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apparel | Custom jeans

August 9, 2016

Since last summer, we are kind of obsessed with customised jeans. It gives something unique to your clothing and makes you stand out perfectly the way you want. We definitely have to thank Levi’s for introducing us to this, since they gave us the opportunity last year to customise some of our items. Also this year they made sure we are totally festival proof.

So a few weeks ago, we went to Buiten Westen, an electronic music festival located at a beautiful park in Amsterdam. Besides getting some time off, catching a breath of fresh air and enjoying good music, we also got our jeans customised at the Levi’s Tailor Shop. We already showed you guys our journey in our newest YouTube video, but today we are showing you the results! And we kind of went all the way (for us). We are pretty sure that this outfit will be a keeper for future festivals and our little trip to LA!

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apparel | Jeans uniform

July 5, 2016

In the beginning of 2016 (which already looks like a while ago), we said that we wanted to invest in matching pieces. Since we really don’t feel the urge to wear costumes at our age but if the occasion would be there, we could wear a younger version of a costume.


Number one on our wishlist was a jeans uniform preferably in between light en dark blue like in this outfit. So we came across Natural Selection. A relative young brand from London making tailored clothing with clean lines and quality fabrications. Sounds like something for us doesn’t it?

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apparel | Hello summer

June 15, 2016

Hello everyone and summer! Although, Joeri’s finals are still going strong, I decided to take him on a break to the botanical gardens of Ghent. Also the perfect opportunity to finally shoot and publish again on here. Because of the finals, it was impossible to keep up with the same pace as before. I can barely wait for summer to start and start creating content again!

Joeri may be on a exam break but that doesn’t mean he didn’t thought about his outfit before leaving. We always joke with people that pick their clothes for practical reasons but besides laughing with it we also love to play with it! Wearing that Nike waist bag in another way and those tennis sneakers that gives you maximum comfort. Talking about the shoes: they were one of our catches at Omoda, a multibrand store where everyone can find his favorites and where trying new styles is as easy as it is!

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