apparel | A Carven catch

April 2, 2015

The last weeks have been really hectic with school and stuff. We haven’t been able to go and explore new locations. Although, we are lucky that our university has this cool place with concrete stairs and walls. The lightings makes us also think about the installations by Dan Flavin.


Besides the location, we also kinda forgot about shooting this outfit. At first sight, it just looks like an all black outfit. However, the Carven sweater gives the look another twist. The birds in combination with the white shirt makes it more playful. The sweater came on our path while looking online during the last sales period. We had been waiting for this to go on sale forever and sometimes you need that little bit of luck. With no doubt, this was definitely our catch of the season!

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apparel | First white trainers

March 26, 2015

Except for borrowing Pieter’s Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, I haven’t bought any white sneakers. Something which is definitely missing in my closet with these lovely spring days ahead. So it was time to stop making Pieter’s dirty and buy my own fresh pair.


During our trip in Berlin, I saw this pair of white trainers. Sadly, because of bagage weight limits (I think everybody has had these frustrations before) I couldn’t yet buy them. Until last week, when I saw these again in a store and I couldn’t resist buying them. Now it’s only waiting for the rainy weather to go away and let the sun do the work.

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apparel | Endless concrete

March 19, 2015

It’s been a while since we could enjoy the sun so much. Finally, no sweaters and winter coats anymore. The first real spring day also means showing off some new clothes. We love this new coat that fits everything in our closet.


It was also the perfect time to shoot this location. This new parking lot wasn’t yet filled with white stripes. So it was just an endless view of fresh concrete, something we appreciate!

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apparel | Shiny wall

February 19, 2015
outfit outfit

We weren’t actually planning on doing this outfit post but we unexpectedly walked into this location while shooting another project (we are so mysterious). Normally shiny walls don’t turn us on. But we loved the atmosphere that the industrial wall and concrete floor gave so we decided to give it a shot!


That day the sun came out and it was nice to feel some heat after a cold and snowy Berlin trip. So a shirt and jacket was all we needed.


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apparel | Berlin in Vans #3

February 13, 2015
outfit vans

Besides the great coffee places and monuments, Berlin is also known for his great art scene. There are many galleries and musea that all have their own style and experience. The one we liked the most was the Hamburger Bahnhof museum for contemporary art. It is located in a beautiful building near the central station. The building and the name refer to the original function as one of the first terminal stations of the rail system in Germany.


Also the exhibitions were as stunning as the architecture. There is a wide variation to look at: Andy Warhol’s and Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art, the minimalism of Sol LeWitt and a selection of the outstanding sculptures of Joseph Beuys.


These pictures are taken in the main hall of the building. It is actually the renovated version of the original one. With the white walls and the open ceiling, it makes it a perfect location. This all black look fits perfect with the Vans that attract a little extra attention because of the white sole.

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