apparel | Seaside breeze

November 22, 2016

The last weeks were pretty hectic, so we took a weekend off to visit Joeri’s grandparents at the Belgian seaside. Although, we went to there to relax and do nothing, we couldn’t resist to go out and explore. During our expedition we stumbled upon this beautiful courtyard of the centre of culture.


The outfit is mostly a rediscovering of some items in my wardrobe. The jacket was perfect for the weather situation over there, the pants were a good change instead of jeans and the sturdy shoes were definitely needed for the walking distance we did.

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Samsøe & Samsøe around the house, why? Because we recently moved to a new home and it feels like growing up. And when you feel that you’re growing up (when moving into a real house instead of a student accommodation and stop studying) our wardrobe needs an update as well. Dressing more mature and sustainable only pays off when starting your professional career. First of all in the early morning when you wake up and choose your outfit and secondly that people take you serious.

Besides that all, Samsøe & Samsøe and our new home match aesthetically perfect as well. Both classic with a modern twist and Scandinavian influences. But also, when wearing this outfit, I feel like matching the entire house and see familiar colors and materials!

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Out of my comfort zone: being on a tennis court and wearing these Nike Air Max 95’s. That I’m not familiar with being on tennis courts, speaks for it self (I guess). This L shaped piece of concrete by Ann Veronica Janssens shows a beautiful contrast in the middle of nature. It brings some quietness in the peaceful environment.

About these shoes now! When I saw people rocking them on the streets, the jealousy immediately came up. Although, I realized they wouldn’t be a match with my wardrobe, so I just let the jealousy go away but it kept returning every time I saw them again. After quiet a time with dealing with this struggle, I decided to just go for them. Styling them in the right way made let me feel as cool as I saw the people wearing them on the streets!

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apparel | Falling into fall

October 4, 2016

We both have some mixed feelings with this fall weather kicking in. Still wishing the LA weather will move to Belgium soon, but this weather also gives us some chance to start layering again. Since our last posts were mostly very summer-ish, here it is: our first fall outfit of the season!

Funny fact: what seemed to be a nice day here in Belgium, ended up in rushing to take these picture before a sudden cloud-burst. Enough about the weather, the outfit is exactly how we like it. A jeans, white Tee and a covering jacket. The high top shoes and the watch, on the contrary, are something new for us. But we think, fall is the perfect season to try something new!

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apparel | Life is a beach

September 16, 2016

During our trip to LA, visiting Santa Monica was definitely one of the things we looked forward to the most. What we didn’t know is that the day we went, it was Labor day in the US. Instead of finding a quiet place, every little space was filled with people.


Luckily, we had some time left to go back and enjoy some time alone. We also took advantage of the situation and made a (not really planned) post. So just a regular vacation holiday: a comfy outfit, a small backpack for essentials and sunglasses.

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