“Hardwearing: If something, especially clothing or material, is hard-wearing it lasts for a long time and looks good even if it is used a lot.“ Hardwearing is a lifestyle blog where we promote our way of life in which we prefer qualitative products with a timeless design. This having in mind: making an investment with what we buy.

What we do

We want to make people more aware of what they buy. Not only aesthetically but also qualitatively. Therefore we choose for a minimalistic design. You’ll see this design in all our work like websites, interiors, outfits, photography,… This style lets us easily focus on the things we want. Presenting is one of the things we like to do most. The best thing about Hardwearing is that everything is personal made for and through Hardwearing self.


Pieter, as interior designer, is a problem solving thinker. Coming up with concepts and implement them is what he loves to do. His work is always provided with the right compositions and styling. Always looking for the new trends and what goes on in the world of design. You will see him often underneath chairs and tables, checking out the technical things.


Joeri is the technical one of us two. As a front- end developer, he is best in writing codes. But through his studies as multimedia designer, he has a big know-how about graphic design too. You will probably recognize him as the smallest one with the camera and a pair of sneakers.

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Special thanks to Annemarie Van Amerongen for the sketches