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December 5, 2016

When purchasing new shoes, there is always one thing going through our heads, how to wear them? Great shoes in our vision are the ones that aren’t only useable for a certain season or occasion. The more seasons they’re wearable and the more occasions you can wear them, the better! Today we are showing you 5 kind of shoes which can handle every occasion, even a tropical storm.

The boot: A good boot can resist every kind of weather but also gives your look a more grown-up feeling.

Leather tennis shoe: Wearable for every occasion but also comfortable. We love to wear it with jeans but also cigarette pants are a good way to go.

High sneaker: We’re a big fan of these kind of sneakers lately. It’s easy to wear and gives a more edgy vibe. Go for the black ones so they don’t look dirty too fast!

Sneaker with a twist: When you feel like wearing a sneaker but it would look too easy, just take the sneakers with a twist and you’re ready to go. They fit like a normal sneaker but doesn’t look like the regular ones everyone is wearing.

Daily sneaker:  You know, the ones you use to go grocery shopping, maybe also not the most elegant ones but definitely the most comfy!

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