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November 8, 2016
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We have a longterm bucket list we want to archive (yes, really). One of those things was doing ‘something’ on Biennials Interieur at Kortrijk. It’s been a inspiration for us for a long time. Every 2 years, we go back to Kortrijk and always come back with loads of inspiration. It was kind of a dream to be their and be one of those artists that inspire other people. And this year, we made it! Thanks to Baroness O. who created the Future Archive booth. A Booth that includes lots of furniture and a beautiful scenography, ready to be a Canvas for serveral artists. Every day another one, with another background and an other idea.

‘Hardwearing will release their recognizable sense of aesthetics on the selection of objects. Using simple-yet-striking scenography, Joeri and Pieter will create a dreamlike world, highlighting the elements of their choice on set, in pictures and video.’ was predicted, and here is the result of a day of experimenting and having fun!

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