apparel | Let’s go to the tennis court

October 24, 2016

Out of my comfort zone: being on a tennis court and wearing these Nike Air Max 95’s. That I’m not familiar with being on tennis courts, speaks for it self (I guess). This L shaped piece of concrete by Ann Veronica Janssens shows a beautiful contrast in the middle of nature. It brings some quietness in the peaceful environment.

About these shoes now! When I saw people rocking them on the streets, the jealousy immediately came up. Although, I realized they wouldn’t be a match with my wardrobe, so I just let the jealousy go away but it kept returning every time I saw them again. After quiet a time with dealing with this struggle, I decided to just go for them. Styling them in the right way made let me feel as cool as I saw the people wearing them on the streets!

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