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June 15, 2016

Hello everyone and summer! Although, Joeri’s finals are still going strong, I decided to take him on a break to the botanical gardens of Ghent. Also the perfect opportunity to finally shoot and publish again on here. Because of the finals, it was impossible to keep up with the same pace as before. I can barely wait for summer to start and start creating content again!

Joeri may be on a exam break but that doesn’t mean he didn’t thought about his outfit before leaving. We always joke with people that pick their clothes for practical reasons but besides laughing with it we also love to play with it! Wearing that Nike waist bag in another way and those tennis sneakers that gives you maximum comfort. Talking about the shoes: they were one of our catches at Omoda, a multibrand store where everyone can find his favorites and where trying new styles is as easy as it is!

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