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March 28, 2016

Lately, we have been looking for more and more architectural places to shoot our posts. But, with Spring knocking on the door, we started digging for some new spots where nature is taking over. The part of Belgium where we come from is mainly known for their nature areas instead of the urban life. But to be honest, we actually never heard of this place before. So on a typical spring day in Belgium, we decided to take our camera and explore this beautiful place of calmness.



This astonishing setting definitely deserved an equivalent outfit. The new Uniqlo x Lemaire collection immediately popped up into our minds. It’s no secret we are a big fan of Uniqlo. In combination with Lemaire, it even gets better. The easygoing shirt, loose-fits trousers all add up to a uniform that looks totally classic, effortlessly and modern all at once. Perfect for a day to clear the mind and enjoy the fresh air.

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