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March 7, 2016
stairs by eestairs

The last thing people look for when moving into a new house is their staircase. When making this decision people will probably choose the option that fits the aesthetic style of the rest of their house. Not keeping in mind the space you can save when picking the right stairs. We came across these 1m2 stairs by EeStairs which offer a combination of both a practical and stylish design.

In this home, the owners, who are also the architects at Aeon, decided to hide the stairs to their rooftop terrace (which looks absolutely stunning). Fitting a whole staircase into a cabinet is definitely not easy but with this compact, spiral shaped 1m2 design it became a reality for them! We hadn’t seen this before, but thinking about it, it’s super smart to hide the stairs to your rooftop terrace (or attic), since you won’t use it that much. Problems with cleaning are also the past, since the steel material is maintenance-friendly. What else do you need?

We are convinced that stairs like these will be more and more common, as our homes will become smaller and smaller. Maybe we should start thinking about changing our loft ladder to a space saving one!

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