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March 14, 2016

Last week, an interview with a local newspaper here in Belgium came out. The headliner of this interview was: ‘We only have one clothing rack each’, which seems surprising for a lot of people since fashion bloggers are supposed to have a lot of clothes? But today, we’re here with tips and tricks on how to handle a small clothing rack with endless possibilities.

1 We said it before and we say it again: invest in good basics and choose for quality over quantity. While looking for these basics, mainly look for the quality, not for the aesthetic part!

2 Force yourself and be strict: clean out your closet at least once a season. When you think ‘I would maybe wear it again’, just get rid of it. The thought only indicates the doubt!

3 You can’t take something in if you don’t throw something out: if we wouldn’t be holding on to this rule our clothing rack would multiply very easily. This rule works very well for us!

4 Play with vintage before you buy an expensive new item: besides the basics, we are aware that you need something to spice up your entire wardrobe. But those are usually the ones who end up as a wrong purchase. To avoid this problem a lot of people buy a cheaper version first to test if they will wear it or not. Instead of buying these from fast fashion brands you could consider the vintage version of them. You win on budget and it’s more sustainable.

5 Think about your combinations first: before buying, think about the combinations you can make. Being able to at least make 5 combinations with a piece is a must. If it fits with everything, that would be perfect!

Hopefully these tips also work for you! If you have other ideas on how to minimize a wardrobe, let us know!

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