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December 10, 2015

People often say that we are a inexhaustible  source of inspiration. We both have our freelance work, schoolwork and the blog were we have to come with new and fresh ideas every week. When we sometimes think about it, we couldn’t almost imagine how we do it. But especially for you guys, we went in our own way of thinking in the help that we could help you out when you are out of inspiration.

1. What really helps for us and what we apply the most is the white paper. Sitting together with a white paper and just writing down everything that comes up in our minds

2. Many big companies use the internet for inspiration. Something we wouldn’t recommend. You can use parts of other ideas in your design, but because of that, it will never be innovative. So turn your electronic devices off!


3. When you have spitted too many ideas on one day and you feel blocked, the best thing you can do is to leave it all. Taking a walk and looking around will give you new perspective.

4. Having a talk with roommates, classmates or family can help you out too! When they work or studie an other sector, it’s even better. They see things different than you what can bring you to new ideas.

5. And the last but the most important one: moodboards! Litterly print of your mood: colors, compositions, artworks, buildings, … . Make a composition white them and you will really get the vibe.

Wich tricks to you use to get your inspiration?


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