apparel | Winter transition #1

September 21, 2015

We teamed up with Urban Outfitters for an article on their blog! Autumn has arrived while August has slipped quietly out the back door. The weather is constantly changing: We wake up and it’s cold, by lunchtime it’s sunny and by afternoon it’s raining. So we both styled one key item three ways to make you guys ready for this changing weather.


It’s no secret that we love our fashion like our lifestyle: easy-going. When getting up in the morning and you haven’t had a cup of coffee yet, it can be a bit too much like hard work to pick out an entire outfit. If you choose neutral pieces that be easily paired with the majority of your wardrobe, you’re on to something. I chose to style up this grey Cheap Monday sweater because it goes with almost everything and is suitable for every occasion.



Outfit 1 | This look is perfect for when you have a busy day ahead. Whether rain or shine, you’re sorted for all weather conditions. When it’s just a little bit colder, you can zip the jacket and when it’s hot you can easily take it off and carry it with you. top: Carhartt, middle: Levi’s, bottom: Clarks


Outfit 2 | This sweater is easy to combine with a statement piece. I only ever go for one statement piece per outfit. Since this sweater is so serene, it won’t be too much. middle: Levi’s, bottom: Stan Smith


Outfit 3 | If you’re heading out to a fancier joint, you can easily wear this sweater over a shirt to give it a more classic feel. While this outfit is also comfortable, you can easily style it up. top: Levi’s, Rains, middle: Levi’s, bottom: Clarks

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