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September 4, 2015

Sustainability in fashion has always been an important part of Hardwearing! Making people aware of what they buy has become a mission for us. When shopping, there should be more questions in your head than just ‘what do I like’. Always challenge yourself to ask why and how! There are always the good and the bad ones. H&M in this case is definitely the good one! From the clothes they collect in their stores, they made this new collection. A timeless denim collection which you can wear with pride!

When H&M came up to us with the question if we wanted to do something with this new collection, we didn’t hesitate for a second. The concept and the design are totally Hardwearing proof. So, we decided to make a kind of display involving lots of green and recycled products in a minimalistic environment. Do you guys think about durability and sustainability¬†while shopping?

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  1. Albert says:

    The jumpsuit looks amazing! Wonderful photos you guys!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
    Palming Pebbles FB

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