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July 20, 2015

We are both more winter types when it comes to getting dressed. We like layering and wrapping us self in. So the change to summer clothes is always something we like to delay. Since we’re struggling every year with this change and thought you guys maybe have the same struggle, we’re here with – hopefully – a helpful guide.


1. A jeans short: Very easy to combine and easy going. Just wear a pair of sneakers with it and you’re ready!


2. Slippers are hard to combine. Only wear it with shorts when you go to the beach! We wore it with a costume pants to make it instant chic!

3. There’s a thin line between sandals and slippers, but there definitely is one. These Teva sandals are so minimal shaped that you can combine them easily with everything.


4. When you don’t want to wear shorts but jeans are too hot, cut a hole in an old jeans to make the heat more bearable. Besides that, high top sneakers like these converses are also hard to combine with shorts, so if you aren’t a pro in combining clothes don’t try it out of your house.

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  1. omg i have the nike slip-ons and converse.. we are in one with this summer essentials, hey! love the concept of this post

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