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July 30, 2015

As architecture fans and online follower of SANAA buildings, it was time to finally see a masterpiece in real life. After our small getaway, we went further to Lens. What previously was a city that lived from the mine, is now a city that starts to focus more and more on the art scene. The first step to this was obviously the new Louvre.





SANAA is an architecture duo from Japan. Those Japanese always know to tickle us with there fragile shapes and materials. The entire cite (there’s a park too!) of Louvre Lens is organic. The building looks straight, but is curved very slightly. The park is completely organic. The lighting is placed arbitrary, so are the plants and the pedestrian walkways. When you’re outside the building, you can feel the link with the mine history Lens has. But once you’re inside, the shiny aluminium walls and the details really let you think of some futuristic place.

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