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June 15, 2015
TevaAcneStudiosLevis1 TevaAcneStudiosLevis2

Since the beginning we have been exploring new things with our camera. We always want to take our photos to a next level. Although, we are no big professionals, our interest in photography, which is one of the reasons why we started Hardwearing, and our know-how has only been expanding a lot more. So besides Pieter’s shopping spree, we also invested in some serious material: a new lens. Quality has always been a big goal for us and with this new lens we want to take it a little further.

For us, it was actually the first day of the year wearing shorts, a T-shirt and sunglasses after a month of keeping up with school deadlines. So, there was no better time to test our new equipment and summerproof outfit on this sunny day.

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