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May 5, 2015

Today, we will bring you a story where we admit that estimating is not our strongest point. Let’s start at the beginning. We saw this woven bamboo basket at the IKEA department store while shopping for our collaboration. We loved the color of the wood and that every single basket is handmade and unique.


What we also saw right away was that it could be way more than just a basket. We immediately thought about using it as a bench for Monty (the starring dog). So it would be a great accessory adjustment to our setting.


When arriving that day at the location we were going to shoot, we instantly saw that there was no way that Monty would fit in his new bench. After trying to lure him for 30 minutes with food, we had to move on. So the basket ended up in our video as… a basket. But this post is brought to prove you the opposite. Here, we use it as a laundry basket! But you could also put it upside down as a side table. Imagine it with a light underneath it and the beautiful shadows of it. Clue of the story: bad buys deserve a second chance too and they will probably turn out better than your first idea.

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