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April 23, 2015
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We already told you that we will work together with one of our favorite multi-brand store in the future. And here is, ready to reveal for you, the first part! Visiting Urban Outfitters has always been an experience full of cultures. That is what we love so much about Urban Outfitters, they always know how to communicate with their clients and they are also very aware of what they want.


Working on a desk is a real struggle for us. Being concentrated behind a desk for hours, is just impossible. We prefer some variety. Like a space where we can sit in a cozy setting, but still be able to work. We found the perfect chair for this: a leather butterfly chair!


The chair just has everything we need. First of all, it’s easy portable. If you just want to put it somewhere else, you can move it in no time. Want to work outside on a sunny day? Everything is possible. You can also sit in different positions, so you’ll easily find the most comfortable one!

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