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February 13, 2015
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Besides the great coffee places and monuments, Berlin is also known for his great art scene. There are many galleries and musea that all have their own style and experience. The one we liked the most was the Hamburger Bahnhof museum for contemporary art. It is located in a beautiful building near the central station. The building and the name refer to the original function as one of the first terminal stations of the rail system in Germany.


Also the exhibitions were as stunning as the architecture. There is a wide variation to look at: Andy Warhol’s and Roy Lichtenstein’s Pop Art, the minimalism of Sol LeWitt and a selection of the outstanding sculptures of Joseph Beuys.


These pictures are taken in the main hall of the building. It is actually the renovated version of the original one. With the white walls and the open ceiling, it makes it a perfect location. This all black look fits perfect with the Vans that attract a little extra attention because of the white sole.

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