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February 16, 2015
ikea room white ikea room white ikea room white

A few weeks ago, we redesigned my bedroom. (For information, this is Joeri’s bedroom, this one is Pieter’s). We had totally pictured in our heads how we wanted it to be. Although, it wasn’t so simple because we had to keep the floor and the wooden beams. The first thing we did, was painting the walls white. This gives you a spacious and fresh feeling when entering the room.


Because the room is quiet big, we divided it in zones. There is the sleeping area, which is enclosed by the bureau and the clothing rack. I don’t prefer to use any walls, because we still want the zones to be in contact with each other. There is also a seating area. You cannot find it in the pictures yet, since it’s not fully done yet. Although, in a few weeks it will be revealed! At last, the mirror has a special place. We totally fell in love with it because of the two functions it has. Of course, it’s just a mirror, but you can also use the back to hang some clothes. Definitely, the eye-catcher of my bedroom.

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  1. my mouth is foaming right now!!

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