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December 18, 2014

When we see the streets these days, we are overloaded by glitters and colors. All this drama that comes along with Christmas makes me question about what Christmas is really all about. We came to the conclusion that it doesn’t feel like a day everyone has to be blown up. For us it feels more pure. Coming together and being thankful for what you are able to do. So we decided to wrap a present the way we feel about Christmas.


Using wrapping paper with a brown colour made the present more peaceful. Finding this kind of paper isn’t even easy anymore these days, but we used the back of a paper with illustrations on. Further, instead of making a flamboyant bow, we decided to not make a bow at all. We used a natural sisal rope and knotted a Christmas tree branch in it. The combination of it all made is less kitch and more natural.

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4 responses to “Christmas wrapping”

  1. K A R L says:

    glitters! what unecessary extravagance they make. i love simplicity so much like what you did there!

    merry xmas couple!

  2. Izael G says:

    Wooow so minimalist and cool!! Freaking love it 😀
    I want to try it

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