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October 20, 2014
Outfit COS Outfit COS Outfit COS

While walking through the city, I accidentally came across this new place. The building is used as a museum but it was closed, since it was Sunday. That means a perfect time to shoot a new outfit, especially my new jacket.


Since I saw the jacket in the COS stores, I doubted whether I should buy it or not. After a lot of overthinking, I finally decided to get my hands on it. From the minute I bought it, I didn’t have any regret and it’s still one of my favorite pieces. The jacket looks timeless, static and symmetrical. Plus not to forget, it’s also really functional. On one hand because it has a lot of pockets, on the other hand it’s perfect for every occasion and you can wear it with or without a sweater. The best part is that it fits everything in my closet.

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  1. love the lightness and calm vibe.. as always!

  2. Really a good post

    out fit is top but the atmosphere is really the main impressive point 🙂

    keep continue

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