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September 4, 2014
Outfit Liege COS

Normally, I prefer an outfit that is effortless and comfortable. However, this time is different because going a wedding needs a little extra. No skinny black jeans with trainers for me, but a more thoughtful outfit. I replaced the jeans by dark blue suit pants, which come a little bit above my ankle. Underneath, I matched it with my white Acne shoes.

Also no classic white shirt for me, but a little bit oversized T-shirt. I’m not the person that goes to a wedding in a full costume, but I like a funny twist in my outfit.

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  1. wow.. how cool would be your wedding events in Belgium. here in Th Philippines, everything is ostentatious. from the make up down to the food. i wanna experience your kind of wedding there,

  2. tasi says:

    Ik houd echt van je blog .. Uitstekende kleuren en thema. Hebt u deze geweldige site zelf bouwen? Gelieve te antwoorden terug als ik ben op zoek naar mijn eigen website te maken en zou graag weten waar je dit hebt of wat het thema is vernoemd. Bedankt!

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