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August 8, 2014
Room iMac Room chair Room IKEA

As I told you in my previous post about my room, it keeps changing constantly. It’s now a month ago I captured my room and here is the proof! Till then, a lot of new pieces came in and a few old ones went out. My philosophy is ‘you can’t take something in if you don’t put something out’. If I wouldn’t follow this rule, or another design gatherer wouldn’t, rooms would be overloaded.


The concept of my room is ‘bright & fresh’. And a concept wouldn’t be a concept if I wouldn’t be stuck on it. Just as the old furniture, the new ones strength the concept. Again, Ikea dominates.

But after Ikea, also a main vintage piece is added. I was able to put my fingers on a vintage Thonet. I was looking for a design classic as that for a long time. And after a long search I found one in a local and small vintage store. Already painted white and for only 50 cent. This chair isn’t only a decoration piece, but now I finally have a chair for me desk instead of a rocking chair. And as the desk became a desk, I bought a desktop so I can finally function from a fully desk instead of a bed.

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