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August 29, 2014

Rooms dedicated to work are most of the time a mess. But I think the mess makes it cozy. That moment when you move your stuff from your bed to the desk and the morning after you move everything back to the bed just brings a productive feeling. I think a lot of us recognize this.


This time I brought my camera with me to Ken’s studio in the center of Antwerp. I already dedicated a post to Ken’s work. He studies Fashion and you could also just read that from the pictures.


I love the white space with the beautiful wooden floor that ensures that the personal touches grab your attention. And again you see the humorous things just like in Ken’s collections.


But after talking about his designing skills in fashion and interior, his personal styling is not to forget. Playing with colors and proportions also pops up again. I always admitted people who create their own world with their styling.

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  1. Lotte V says:

    Woahh what a beautiful room! His work is the best x

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