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July 10, 2014
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Because I get a lot of questions about my room on my Instagram, I decided to make a post about it. It was a reveal to actually make photos with a camera from my room instead of an iPhone with less quality.


My room has his own life. I have this room for 8 years now, and my closest friends know it changes a lot of times. In every corner of my room have been my bed, desk and closet and every wall has had at least 4 different colors. How my room looks now, was an 8 years during process. I think a good interior is not something you design but is something that grows.


People ask a lot about where I buy my furniture. It’s just a mix of Ikea and vintage. Promoting Ikea as an interior design student is maybe not a good thing. But as student, my budget isn’t that big. Ikea just offers a lot of good interior basics where you can work around. I just buy functional, white furniture and mix it with a little bit of vintage. And that’s what I like the most about a white interior, that the details make it.


But living in a room such as this also has disadvantages. Because everything is white and electronic products are most of the time black, they catch your eye at first sight. Also eating chocolate ice cream in bed isn’t always a good idea. But beside that, I’m actually very happy with the atmosphere I became in this small room.

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  1. wonderful place… this space is my dream

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