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May 16, 2014
Black work instruments Black work instruments

It feels strange to write a post about things I will always lose. Work instruments are always around me. I spend a lot of time with them on my desk. However at some point, I’m not that organized though. Like for a lot of people, these things come and disappear again. Normally I don’t own one of those longer than 3 months.


Children feel attracted to a lot of colours. I feel more attracted to black and metal. They look (only look) stronger. When I buy new gear and put them in my pencil case, I always start with a good intention. Saying to myself ‘I’m going to respect and clean them’. But when I’m in a hurry, they sometimes end up in my backpack and I never see them back. While making these pictures I questioned my purchasing habits. For me, it’s the most important that everything looks clean and matched.

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