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May 4, 2014
How to make a Japanese house book How to make a Japanese house book How to make a Japanese house book

I’ve always been a huge fan of Japanese architecture and design. When seeing this book with his terrific pictures and layout, I directly put it on my Christmas wish list… And guess what I got for Christmas?


By taking a quick look through it, I automatically became unsatisfied with my current living space. I always thought my space looked bright and clean until I saw this. I love how these architects create an entire building with volumes, holes and lines. I would love to wander days in every single house in this book. Living in a house like this would be a dream, but that probably wouldn’t be that easy. Building plots in these densely populated area’s are extremely expensive.This is also the reason why these houses are surrounded by big buildings. Architects have built these buildings as publicity for there own portfolio. The extremely small Japanese houses, by Western standards, can barely be considered as a comfortable place.

Also these kind of houses are not that practical, certainly not like they got presented in this book with that less furniture and curtains. Although, they are still a beautiful piece of architecture.


Not only the photography of this book is interesting. Cathelijne Nuijsink is an independent writer, editor and critic of contemporary architecture and design. With her fascination for Japanese culture, she takes the reader on a journey into the contemporary Japanese house. Using a rich array of research and drawings. How to Make a Japanese House demonstrates that Japanese homes offer a radically different way of thinking about architecture.

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  1. Maya Bogaert says:

    Zalig boek! Heb het zelf als grote inspiratiebron voor mijn masterproef gebruikt vorig jaar 🙂

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