January 27, 2015

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Inspiration on the wall

Hema card rack 1 Hema card rack 2

You already know or not that we love to be surrounded by inspiration. You could already see it in the pin it and exposing posts. However, somewhere last week we saw this card rack at Hema. Without any doubt, we treated ourselves to a late Christmas present.




Over the years, we have kept all kinds of cards. For example, those from exhibitions or musea. So this is the perfect time to arrange them all and expose the nicest ones in this card rack. Of course, you can also just put pictures or other fun stuff in it. We are sure this rack will be on our wall for a long time.

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January 19, 2015

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Memorieslab giveaway


Memorieslab is an experimental photo lab that specialises in creating timeless photographic prints. Their catalogue is created with one thing in mind: to recreate the past through combining elements of the old with the new. And this is where they succeed in. Uploading photos who are made with today’s technology but printed on a classic polaroid. Besides the high quality prints, the branding is more than on point. Receiving their prints is an experience. You stumble from a beautiful enveloppe to a beautiful box to another beautiful box. And that is just the thing where we have a weakness for: good branding.


But there is more, we are able to share this experience with you. We give 2 x 12 integral prints vouchers away! So you can print your memories too. The only thing you have to do to get this experience is: liking our Facebookpage and leave a comment on this post with your name, country and email. We will choose the winners Friday evening.




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January 13, 2015

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Suit pants in daily life

nikeapc1 nikeapc5 nikeapc2b

Normally, I wouldn’t wear any suit pants in my daily life. But with all the end of the year parties and last weeks Henry Van de Velde Award, it became real. Wearing these suit pants felt surprisingly more comfortable than I thought it would be. The structure is really soft in comparison with my daily jeans.


For this outfit I didn’t wear any shirt or blazer, because I didn’t want to look too dressed up. So I chose a vintage Lacoste polo and a Rains jacket in case the weather would be terrible. In the end, wearing suit pants is not that bad.

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January 10, 2015

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Henry Van de Velde awards

Henry van de Velde awards Henry van de Velde awards

Being invited to attent the Henry Van de Velde awards is already a personal highlight of 2015 for us. This Belgian award is not just an award, I think we can say that these are the most important prices a Belgian designer can get. Yesterday we got the privilege to see the exposition before it openend.


Not only the winning designs were impressive but also the scenography and graphic parts of the exhibition. We are convinced that the Henry Van de Velde awards are a great initiative of Design Vlaanderen to put role model designers in the spotlight.

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December 18, 2014

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Christmas wrapping


When we see the streets these days, we are overloaded by glitters and colors. All this drama that comes along with Christmas makes me question about what Christmas is really all about. We came to the conclusion that it doesn’t feel like a day everyone has to be blown up. For us it feels more pure. Coming together and being thankful for what you are able to do. So we decided to wrap a present the way we feel about Christmas.


Using wrapping paper with a brown colour made the present more peaceful. Finding this kind of paper isn’t even easy anymore these days, but we used the back of a paper with illustrations on. Further, instead of making a flamboyant bow, we decided to not make a bow at all. We used a natural sisal rope and knotted a Christmas tree branch in it. The combination of it all made is less kitch and more natural.

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