April 23, 2015

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Portable office with Urban Outfitters

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We already told you that we will work together with one of our favorite multi-brand store in the future. And here is, ready to reveal for you, the first part! Visiting Urban Outfitters has always been an experience full of cultures. That is what we love so much about Urban Outfitters, they always know how to communicate with their clients and they are also very aware of what they want.


Working on a desk is a real struggle for us. Being concentrated behind a desk for hours, is just impossible. We prefer some variety. Like a space where we can sit in a cozy setting, but still be able to work. We found the perfect chair for this: a leather butterfly chair!


The chair just has everything we need. First of all, it’s easy portable. If you just want to put it somewhere else, you can move it in no time. Want to work outside on a sunny day? Everything is possible. You can also sit in different positions, so you’ll easily find the most comfortable one!

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April 21, 2015

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Sunday leisurewear

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Our weekend attire was much more interesting than what we wore last week to work and school. With the sun finally coming out, it was the perfect time to change our stay-at-home leisurewear.



This – I’m not doing that much – outfit is perfect to wander in and outside. Finally not feeling the need anymore to wear shoes. Bare feet on the green grass is the feeling we missed during the winter times.

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April 16, 2015

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5 summer shoes

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Summer isn’t there yet, but spring has fully started now. So when we saw our shoes, we thought it would be the perfect time to show you our 5 favorite summer shoes.


As you know, we stick to the basic, timeless models with a combination of old and new. Sneakers and sandals which we can wear with any outfit and last for several seasons!






* A pair of black authentic Vans always come in handy, but are the most fun to wear during the summer months.

* Everyone probably has their pair of favorite Nike sneakers. Our favorite for this summer is the Free OG Superiors from the A.P.C x Nike collaboration.

* A white sneaker. Some weeks ago, we bought these Reebok Classics (as you could see in this post) and since then we haven’t taken them off.

* Warmer weather also means wearing sandals and flip flops! We prefer the basic ones like these from Adidas. Just perfect for a day at the pool. The Teva’s are more suitable for a long trip.

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April 14, 2015

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Looking back and forward

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After blogging for a year, we thought it would be the perfect moment to show you guys a bit of appreciation and take a look in the future of Hardwearing.


Being a year intensively busy with Hardwearing has brought up a lot. Seeing us self grow in styling, photography and still coming up with new concepts and content gives us a lot of satisfaction. Also when we are not directly working for the blog, we get a lot of appreciation. Over the entire year, we came across lovely people who believe in us and gave us opportunities. And what do you need more than opportunities to prove who you are, where you believe in and what you can.


Hardwearing has always been very important for us. For us, it’s not just keeping an online diary. We really try to tell a story with media. The most beautiful thing about it is seeing our audience grow and really interacting with us. Seeing this constantly grow is what makes us wanna do harder, better and faster. So a big thank you to all of you and we would love to share this cake with all of you to celebrate together!


We also have to do some announcements! First of all, meet our newest friend and part of Hardwearing: Tommy. Having a fluffy animal in between us was definitely a must! The other announcements we have to do are things we can’t tell you yet in details, but in the future we will collaborate with one of our favorite multi-brand store!


The other next chapter of Hardwearing is planned for later this year. We will open a small webshop with self-made products. Soon, we will reveal more information. So definitely stay tuned!

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April 10, 2015

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Multifunctional decoration


We usually don’t use that much decoration in our interior, but when we choose for decoration it’s just like our interior: multifunctional. We also love accessories that stand out and really show some personality. You could already see this jar and vases set in our video we made for IKEA Belgium. As you can see, in this video we used this set totally different than here.


This is what we like about this set, you can change it to your needs. We also don’t use them all together. The vase can stay on the window sill while a jar can function in the kitchen. Also the colour combinations are very wide. All this functional and personalising things is what made us fall for this set from the IKEA PS collection.

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