July 3, 2015

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Blue vision

summerblues2 summerblues1

The heat has officially arrived in Belgium. While blaming the heat inside, it’s perfect for a jump in the swimming pool outside. Let’s just hope it last more than a week before it starts raining again, since our actual holiday is still two months ahead.




This hot weather also ask for some new summer essentials. Luckily, Urban Outfitters always has some great stuff to offer. This light blue shirt let us think about bright seas and bright skies. While these sunglasses immediately put us in the sixties mood. A good combination to start with.

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July 1, 2015

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Design interior

The last half year, sitting down was not an option. Between the blog, my weekend work, internships and schoolwork, I also designed my last schoolproject: Flexit. I decided to design a furniture which you can always fit to your temporary needs. Whenever you need a double bed, a double desk or a combination, you can make it work in 16 minutes. I came up with this idea because living in a dorm and living in an aesthetic place is a thing which is hard to combine.




Besides that, everything you buy for your little room is so specific for that room, that you can’t use it in your next house. Flexit really has become an allround, flexible, multifunctional and durable furniture.


After completing all this, a place on the internet where I gather all of my work was necessarily. Joeri made me a portfolio site that really fits my point of view and works as an archive for me and hopefully as an inspiration for others.

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June 22, 2015

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Iconic Tee

denim2a denim1a denim3a

This old school Calvin Klein T-shirt can really put us into a mood. The iconic logo brings up so much for us: a bit of rock and roll, vintage and classy at the same time. It’s just a T-shirt with an edge that every kind of person can wear. You can easily adapt it to your own style.




This denim jacket is something I rarely wear. I saw it at H&M and the colour and textures made me fall in love directly with it. Normally, we’re not a big fan of fast fashion brands but this jacket is from the Conscious collection. We can appreciate every small effort to make clothes more sustainable.

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June 15, 2015

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TevaAcneStudiosLevis1 TevaAcneStudiosLevis2

Since the beginning we have been exploring new things with our camera. We always want to take our photos to a next level. Although, we are no big professionals, our interest in photography, which is one of the reasons why we started Hardwearing, and our know-how has only been expanding a lot more. So besides Pieter’s shopping spree, we also invested in some serious material: a new lens. Quality has always been a big goal for us and with this new lens we want to take it a little further.

For us, it was actually the first day of the year wearing shorts, a T-shirt and sunglasses after a month of keeping up with school deadlines. So, there was no better time to test our new equipment and summerproof outfit on this sunny day.

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June 11, 2015

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Black on white

zalandoaxe2a zalandoaxe3a zalandoaxe1a zalandoaxe4a

When brands provide us with all black outfits, we’re always pleased. It is the most easiest way to go out on a hot summer day. It always gives you that mysterious touch you need. Combining it with good and comfortable shoes makes it also suitable for museum and gallery visits too.


This collection is an answer for the community we live in that always want more and more. AXE black decided to design a stylish but also simple collection with Zalando, something we can always appreciate.

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