March 26, 2015

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First white trainers

Reebok1 reebok3 reebok2

Except for borrowing Pieter’s Adidas Stan Smith sneakers, I haven’t bought any white sneakers. Something which is definitely missing in my closet with these lovely spring days ahead. So it was time to stop making Pieter’s dirty and buy my own fresh pair.


During our trip in Berlin, I saw this pair of white trainers. Sadly, because of bagage weight limits (I think everybody has had these frustrations before) I couldn’t yet buy them. Until last week, when I saw these again in a store and I couldn’t resist buying them. Now it’s only waiting for the rainy weather to go away and let the sun do the work.

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March 23, 2015

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Mysterious water

BLK branding 1 BLK branding 2

A few days ago, we posted a picture on Instagram of this black water, a lot of people were very curious about it and so were we. It’s in the first place very strange to drink black water because humans are programmed to drink clear and healthy water. But we gave it a shot and this blk. water just tasted as normal water and is also just as healthy. The water owes his colour to fulvic trace minerals.


It’s also not a secret anymore that we love good branding. When we received this package in our mailbox, we weren’t only surprised that the water was black. The timeless design of the bottle made it even better. In our opinion, branding can make a brand or break it. In this case, it’s definitely a good thing.

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March 19, 2015

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Endless concrete

WEfashion2 WEfashioncollage WEfashion1

It’s been a while since we could enjoy the sun so much. Finally, no sweaters and winter coats anymore. The first real spring day also means showing off some new clothes. We love this new coat that fits everything in our closet.


It was also the perfect time to shoot this location. This new parking lot wasn’t yet filled with white stripes. So it was just an endless view of fresh concrete, something we appreciate!

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March 17, 2015

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Japanese design by Nendo

Nendo Japenese design Nendo Japenese design Nendo Japenese design Nendo Japenese design

Every architecture and design lover probably has his favourite designer. We definitely have a weakness for Japanese architecture and design. This is mainly because of their innovative way of designing. Japanese people have to be creative with the problems in their environment, like lack of space. Something that’s much more a challenge there. Except from that, the atmosphere in their work is always on point.


Nendo is one of our favourite Japanse designstudio. Oki Sato, the founder of Nendo, originally started with small orders, but nowadays he’s working for companies like Coca-Cola and Starbucks. However, he remains faithful to his own style. Like he says: “My designs are very simple and very minimal, but I don’t want them to be too cold, I like them to have a friendliness and playfulness, and a sense of humor. And my starting point is always the story behind the object.”


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March 10, 2015

environment -


Ikea Ikea Ikea

Most of you probably think that putting furniture together is a real struggle. However, we see it as a challenge which definitely can be fun. It gives us much more satisfaction when putting something together succeeds. We also love the process of a 2D object turning into a 3D object. So this is what we did here: documenting the fun of putting furniture together.


You probably know that we are huge fans of concrete and white. So this industrial warehouse was a perfect location. We wanted to turn this place into something cosy. And IKEA always has some great furniture pieces to put something together quickly.


Therefore we created a small lounge area where you can sit back, relax and read a book. Picking the right furniture for this was not difficult at all. We made a combination of timeless classics and new pieces from IKEA. The exotic plant and accessories give everything a final touch.

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